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Young Champions for Young Refugees

Recognizing the value of youth contributions

Young Champions for Young Refugees

Open Gates is inviting young individuals to become part of our worldwide network of Young Champions, dedicated to extending support and sharing valuable resources with our beloved young refugees, including opportunities and articles.

Become a Young Champion
What does it mean to be a Young Champion?

Open Gates Young Champions form a vibrant community of dedicated young individuals, including both supporters and refugees, who share a common drive to foster a more inclusive world for those displaced by conflict and persecution. Comprising students and young professionals aged 15 to 25, they are fueled by their motivation and enthusiasm to leverage their abilities for the betterment of refugees in local and global contexts.

What impact do Young Champions have on the lives of refugees?

Young Champions actively distribute opportunities such as jobs, scholarships, grants, funds, skills training, events, fellowships, and contests from their respective locations. They engage in meetings with refugees and experts and participate in training and collaborative brainstorming sessions to contribute to Open Gates' initiatives.

Under Open Gates' mentorship, each Young Champion is entrusted with the responsibility of sharing pertinent opportunities from their local area, sourced from reputable organizations, or creating informative blogs aimed at benefiting young refugees.

What resources does Open Gates offer to Young Champions?

Monthly sessions

Participate in our conversations to greet new members, address inquiries, and deliberate on key matters.

Highlighted content

Your achievements may be showcased on Open Gates' websites and across our social media platforms.

Blue check and affiliated to Open Gates

Your account will be associated with Open Gates, and you will receive a verified blue checkmark to authenticate your presence on the Open Gates platform.

Training and brainstorming sessions

You will receive invitations to participate in training sessions covering various facets of our engagement with displaced and stateless populations, along with opportunities to join brainstorming sessions and contribute your insights.